Preventive Health

Looking at your level of health even when you are not ill is a valuable exercise. Perhaps you would like more get-up-and-go? Or try to turn the clock back a bit?

There are so many measures you can take to improve your current health and prevent future health problems. We can help you work toward greater well-being and a higher quality of life through discussion and lifestyle assessment.

The work-life balance can be an important area to explore in order to eradicate undue stress and increase quality of life. That work can be outside or inside the home, by men or by women.

Even when it is impossible to reduce our workload, it can benefit greatly to increase the proportion of health-generating, positive activity in our week, which serves to redress the balance and boost our vitality and stamina.

The role of carers, male and female, for the young and for the old, is often under-supported. We are conscious of the health benefit that carers can receive from maintaining a healthy balance of time spent working and time spent restoring precious energies.