Men’s Health

We know how hard it is to make time to come to see the doctor. We are happy to talk about any aspect of Men’s Health that may be of interest to you – not just men-only problems like prostates but also weight loss, smoking cessation, mood problems like depression or stress, heart health.

You could avail of a formal Well Man Check Up, which entails a very comprehensive questionnaire and assessment, or talk more generally at any consultation. We’re ready when you are!

Any of the following might be assessed:

–          Lifestyle, including weight, smoking, alcohol use.

–          Medical history

–          Blood Pressure

–          Cholesterol

–          Diabetes

–          Hearing and Vision

–          Lung Function

–          ECG – heart rhythm strip

–          Chest Xray Referral

–          Sexual health

–          Prostate assessment

Your assessment and investigations will depend on your level of health and on your age, as different health problems are more common at different ages i.e. testicular problems in earlier life, prostate and heart problems in later life.

A check-up is always worthwhile.